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Program is not available for 2017 intake 

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A seismic worker conducts seismic tests in the field to identify potential oil and gas reserves using geophysical instruments and equipment. Seismic data is acquired, collected, and analyzed for the oil and gas industry.

Seismic work involves:

  • Working outdoors for extended periods of time
  • Shifts are 12-14 hours a day, seven days a week. These include travel time to and from the jobsite as well as lunches and breaks
  • Walking 6 to 20 km daily on uneven terrain in all weather condtions, carrying seismic equipment
  • Time off rotation varies between 24 days on / 4 days off, and 28 days on / 7 days off

Most employers cover all accommodation costs while the employee is working plus a daily living allowance (hotshot) of $40.00 /day for food.

Entry Level Positions in the Seismic Industry

employment wages up to

$5000.00/ month


Program length: 8 Weeks Full-Time training

* Driver's License is an asset but not required


Program Outline

Potential candidates are assessed based on program eligibility criteria and:

  • Credentials, background & experience
  • Language
  • One-on-one interview with program staff
  • Interview with industry representatives/HR personnel
  • Suitability for the nature of the occupation

Upgrading and employment preparation

  • Occupational English & communication
  • Life & work management skills
  • Occupational health & safety
  • General employment preparation

Technical training

  • Introduction to the Seismic Industry in Canada
  • Safety: H2S Alive, Standard First Aid, WHMIS, TDG, PST, Wildlife Awareness
  • Light Duty Vehicle & Air Brake Endorsement
  • Work Exposure CAGC Seismic in Motion seminar

Employment Support

  • Providing support in securing employment opportunities within the Seismic Industry
  • Job search support
  • Resume writing, cover letter preparation, interview skills
  • Networking with Industry
  • Attending job fairs / visiting companies



Selection Process

Potential candidates are assessed based on program eligibility criteria plus:

  • Credentials, background & experience
  • Language and communication assessment
  • One-on-one interview with program staff
  • Interview with industry HR personnel
  • Suitability for the nature of the occupation
  • Interest in the Seismic industry and commitment to the program

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Client Eligibility

  • Landed immigrant legally entitled to work in Canada
  • Must be unemployed/underemployed
  • A valid drivers license is an asset
  • Currently receiving Employment Insurance (EI) or received EI in the last three years, or currently receiving Income Support
  • Limited spots for those receiving no funding
  • Good communication skills required
  • English at a Canadian Language Benchmark of five and up
  • Interested in employment in the seismic industry with a strong commitment to the program and employment
  • Be willing to undergo alcohol and drug testing with potential employers
  • Physically strong and capable of working in the industry
  • Pass a medical exam
  • Be willing to work in camps or travel to remote locations
  • Be willing to relocate and/or work shifts and extended hours in all weather conditions


Application open date

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Application deadline for 2017

Program is not available for 2017 intake 

Program start date

Program is not available for 2017 intake 


How to apply


We accept applications in person only. Please use our map to locate our office.

Our Location:

5th Floor, 1111 - 11 Ave SW. Calgary, Alberta

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